• Primeurs in Service

    In order to meet consumer expectations the retail sector needs to make sure that there is rapid feedback. This applies even more to distributors of ‘fresh’ products.


    Euro Gijbels is introducing innovative measures to ensure a better service for market managers. By integrating ICT systems into the daily management, Euro Gijbels is better able to provide a faster and more effective service to its customers.


    For instance, supermarkets can use their iPads to order everything online ‘in one go’ from the distributor in Kempen. Another first is the option of ordering pre-prepared fruit and vegetables per unit. The most recent innovation is the newly designed labelling for packaged fruit and vegetables.

  • Everything in 1 go

    Many retailers order several times a day. This means every time they order they have to decide what products they’ll need and estimate the quantities to ask for. A time-consuming activity!


    Euro Gijbels offers customers the option of ordering everything at once, or all in one go, and of course by doing it online. Customers of Euro Gijbels enjoy the ease of ordering all of their fruit and vegetables in one go, at any time they like, with punctual delivery the next morning.


    The great advantage: a more accurate estimate of what exactly needs to be ordered, coupled with a faster service.

  • 4 Gamma per unit

    The pre-prepared range of products, marketed under the product  name “4th Gamma” are pre-packaged, washed and cut vegetables that are usually supplied in a box containing several units. If sales of these products fall short of expectations it means that, due to the limited shelf life, the remaining stock has to be thrown away. Pure loss!


    If desired, Euro Gijbels supplies the 4th Gamma products per unit instead of per full box. For any category, at no extra cost. One day 8 packets, the next 3. Euro Gijbels invariably delivers the requested quantity. Pure profit!

  • Order online

    Those responsible for ordering fruit and vegetable, can submit their orders via an iPad which is coupled online to the central ordering department at Euro Gijbels. This iPad, including training on how to use it, is offered to them free of charge. Result: orders are mobile, faster and submitted more accurately.


    The order items are programmed with a log history. This means to say they are arranged according to the specific orders from the supermarket, so that de current products and quantities can be collected efficiently. The iPad is extremely easy to operate thanks to the touch screen commands.

  • Own brand labelling

    The new labels from Euro Gijbels adorn the tray packaging of fruit and vegetables. They are the calling cards of the new corporate identity and are often the first thing to catch the consumer’s eye.


    The colourful photo strip on the left-hand side illustrates the variety and freshness of the fruit and vegetables. The upward wavy curve at the top of the image represents the dynamic and flexible service.


    Extra attention has been paid to moisture resistance so that the labels remain fresh and attractive on store shelves.

  • On time worldwide

    Euro Gijbels sees its annual exports to the Middle East increase year after year. The company was awarded the Best International SME 2009 trophy for the way in which it runs its worldwide distribution of fruit and vegetables on a 24-hour daily basis.

  • Primeurs in Service

    Ordering everything in one go with prompt delivery the next morning. Ordering online via a few taps on an iPad. The option of ordering single pieces from the 4th Gamma product line. Labels that make products stand out with a much fresher look. Euro Gijbels introduced a number of important innovations within a short space of time that have been enthusiastically welcomed and put to use by more and more customers. Every one of them “primeurs in service”. To be continued...

  • Firm, flexible family business

    For 3 generations already, the name of this family business has stood for quality, flexible service and a passionate drive towards continual innovation, always in the interest of the customer.


    With respect to supply and distribution, wherever it’s possible to realise more efficiency that’s exactly where Euro Gijbels will invest. It is an almost innate reflex from father to son: keeping up with the latest trends, in order to be a state of the art venture, to be up to date!

  • Jolene Trans, a separate subsidiary company

    Euro Gijbels has at its disposal, under the name “Jolene Trans”,  its own fleet of 30 refrigerated lorries, along with a service station that operates on a 24-hour basis. Each lorry is equipped with a high-tech refrigeration unit and a track-and-trace system. Jolene Trans employs 25 drivers and 2 planners.

  • De ISO 22000-norm nu ook behaald!

    Supplying high-quality and safe products to the customers has been of paramount importance to Euro Gijbels ever since the founding of the company in 1948.


    Euro Gijbels already had a BRC and an ACS certificate but this year it obtained the ISO 22000-standard. This ISO standard was developed in 2005 with the aim of introducing a food safety standard to the market, one which could be accepted worldwide.


    Communication, internally and externally, monitoring a quality system and management of potential hazards are the main pillars.


    Download the certificat

  • Your quality manager

    Karin Matheeussen: “ISO 22000 combines ‘the best of both worlds’: concrete food safety conditions and an effective management system based on ISO 9001.”

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  • Jobs at Euro Gijbels

    As far as its personnel policy is concerned, Euro Gijbels aims for  state of the art. The company welcomes both young and older people possessing values such as commitment, responsibility, pronounced customer-friendliness and openness to innovations with respect to products and service. Euro Gijbels is growing by the day and wants to share its success with equally motivated employees.


    Anyone interested can apply spontaneously: gunther.aerts@eurogijbels.be


    Take a look through our job vacancies too...

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